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All Fit People Have These 5 Common Habits

All Fit People Have These 5 Common Habits

Has it ever happened that you see somebody, especially in their late 30s, 40s, or 50s and you wonder – Why is he or she so fit? What do they eat to stay this active? What makes them so energetic?

I am almost 37 (in my late 30s) and I am often appreciated for how active I am. Some people even say that I am as energetic as someone in their early 20s. It is a big compliment. Even my doctors say – You are so healthy and fit ๐Ÿ™‚ When your doctors say this, it makes you even more happy. And I am not a fitness influencer on social media, a sportsperson, or an athlete. I am a regular woman who loves having a healthy lifestyle. One thing I observed is that all fit people have some common habits that they follow throughout their life. It is mundane. It may look boring. And it may seem difficult but these habits are easier to implement than you think.

Here are 5 common habits of every fit and healthy person.

1. Follow A Routine

Following a routine seems boring but believe it or not – that’s the way it is. You do not need to join the 5 am club for that but need to sleep well, sleep early and wake up on time. Your Netflix shows are not going anywhere. You can scroll your phone tomorrow also. But today, Sleep On Time! That’s the key to waking up on time. Once this part is sorted, the rest of everything starts taking care of itself. Exercise is an integral part of every fit person. It doesn’t need to be going to a gym but you can go on a bike ride with friends, do yoga at home, walk in nature, or these days I am into skating and it made me much stronger.

Have your meals on time, especially your dinner. You must have heard it million times, eat your dinner two hours before bed. It doesn’t matter. It is still true. Take some time to rest and just breathe. If you think that it is difficult to implement these things then start slow. Plan one activity at a time. Plan your week on the weekend and try to stick to it. After a while, it will become a habit and will come naturally just like breathing.

2. Always Stay Active

If you know any fit and healthy person, observe this one thing about them – they always stay active. You will rarely see them being couch potatoes, eating chips, and binge-watching. They are always doing something. It could be regular household chores, workouts, some hobbies like painting, gardening, cycling, etc. They just keep moving. And these things not only keep them physically active but learning something new and getting results give them a rush of dopamine that their mind is also relaxed and happy. This means – Complete Health Care!

If it seems too much for you, follow the good old classic methods – take stairs instead of elevators, cycle instead of taking out your car, go out for a walk after dinner instead of controlling your remote or scrolling your phone. It is a known fact that when you spend less time on your phone or TV, you get so much time to keep yourself active and include more activities in your day. Remember ‘Do Not let these robots control you. You control them.‘.

3. Eat Everything. Eat Moderately.

Who says if you need to stay fit, you need to let go of some incredibly delicious food? It is a myth and a common mistake to start the journey towards fitness. You do not need to wait for the cheat days to enjoy something you like. Eat it when you want it. But remember to eat in moderation. And it is not just for processed and unhealthy food items but also for healthy ones. Basically, too much of anything is not good. Include more fruits, veggies, greens, nuts and seeds, and more naturally available food items. Cut down on processed snacks and refined products. Eat more home-cooked meals rather than eating out every day. Trust me, even the salads you eat in a restaurant are not healthy.

If you try to stop something, your mind keeps telling you to do it. And after a while, you give up. It happens to everybody. So, instead of stopping something totally, tell yourself that you will eat that in moderation. For example, if you want to quit coffee, start slow and tell yourself that from now on you will drink only 1 cup of coffee every day. If you follow a healthy routine 80% of the time, 20% of the pleasure time won’t do any harm. That’s the key to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

4. Deviate But Come Back

When you start your fitness journey, you set your goals. You want to do everything as planned. You continue to do it every day, week by week. But then comes a day when your mind says – Eh! It is okay to skip a day. You skip a day and then you skip two. Without realizing it, one month goes by like that. And then it becomes even more difficult to restart. And it happens with everyone.

I have been waking up early and doing yoga for more than 20 years. And even today I feel like skipping a day or two. Every day is a struggle to wake up and follow what I love. But I do it anyway because I know that it makes me happy. I switch off my brain which tells me to skip. But I am not a robot and I skip days when I just do not feel like doing anything. I wake up late, won’t do yoga, won’t go out for a walk, etc. But after a while, I come back to my routine because it has become a part of my lifestyle just like brushing my teeth every day. So, it is okay to deviate as long as you come back again.

5. Prioritize Rest Days

It is easier said than done. When you have an active lifestyle and you like to just keep moving all day, every day, it becomes really difficult to pause and just take a breather. But it is important. Maybe you don’t feel like it but your body needs it. Your body needs rest to recover, to rejuvenate. Take at least a day off from all the chores, daily activities, and exercise, and give some relaxation to the mind and body.

It is really important, especially in today’s stressful life. It is difficult to let go of thoughts and switch off your thinking brain. But try and meditate and have a healthy sleep routine. It is difficult but achievable with consistent efforts.

So, these are the 5 things that I have been following for years and that keeps me fit and healthy. I have observed many such people who are fit even at the age of 80 or 90 and who follow these things. I also want to be like them. When I get old, I want to run, skate, travel, and dance with my husband. Whatever I am doing today is an investment for a healthy and fit future.

Start your journey today!

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