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Hair Fall, Dandruff, Frizzy Hair Control – Homemade Onion Hair Oil

Hair Fall, Dandruff, Frizzy Hair Control – Homemade Onion Hair Oil

Are dealing with dry and frizzy hair, dry scalp, dandruff, and excessive hair fall? If yes, then you must give this homemade and natural hair oil a try. It may help you. It is very quick and easy to make at home and is better than store-bought hair fall control hair oil. Also, instead of buying chemical-loaded dandruff shampoo that makes false promises, try this homemade onion hair oil which will definitely give you good results. It is very effective and shows results in a few days.

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Story Time

My Problem in Germany

When we moved to Germany, we were staying in a hotel. We stayed there for around two months. I always heard that when you move to a foreign country like somewhere in Europe, your hair and skin become so much better because of the quality of air and water there. Unfortunately, that did not happen to me. Within a couple of weeks of living in Munich, I started seeing excessive dryness and frizziness in my hair. My hair will always have static charges. It could be because of the cold weather here.

After a while, my scalp got too much dry and scaly. I got a massive hair fall. I never saw that much hair falling on the floor. They were everywhere. I would just touch my hair and one hair would come out. I would wake up and see hair and dandruff on my pillow. It was a white pillow and I could see my dandruff on them. You can imagine the extent. Right?

The Solution was in my Kitchen

I used homemade onion hair oil earlier and the only solution I could think of at that time was my homemade onion hair oil. At that time I was living in a hotel and I did not have enough resources to make that oil. So, I decided that the day we would shift in our home here, I will make that oil. I waited and the day we moved to our home, the first thing I made was my effective hair fall and dandruff control onion hair oil. I used it just once or twice and my dandruff was all gone. My dry scalp became moist again. It took some time to control the hair fall but it happened. The best thing is that I do not even get static charges in my hair anymore. Not even in the excessive winter season here.

Reviews from those who tried it

My mom is a thyroid patient. She was always worried about her hair because since she got thyroid, her hair became excessively dry and frizzy. She had massive hair fall too. One day she was telling me that she stopped combing her hair because it makes her feel sad and teary looking at her falling hair. She tried many different tablets, used different products, and even consulted doctors and nutrition experts. Nothing helped! None at all.

Once I was at her home and told her about this oil I make and use. I made this onion hair oil for her and told her to use it 2 to 3 times per week. You won’t believe how effective is this hair. Now she says that her hair feels soft and smooth. She does get hair fall while she massages and washes her hair but not on other days. Now the hair fall is not massive. She was happy with the results and so am I.

I believe that most of the solutions are in our kitchen 🙂

How to make Onion Hair Oil?

Main Ingredients:

  1. Coconut Hair Oil (or any hair oil of your choice) – 250 ml
  2. Onion – 1 medium, finely chopped
  3. Fenugreek Seeds – 1 Tsp
  4. Curry Leaves – 2 to 3 Sprigs


  1. Add all the ingredients to a saucepan and cook on low flame until the onions become brown. This infuses the juice of the onion into the oil.
  2. Once done, let it cool down completely.
  3. Strain using a sieve.
  4. Store it in a container and keep it on the shelf for a couple of months. No need to refrigerate.

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  1. You may even add peels of the onion because they also contain nutrients. So, why waste?
  2. You can add other ingredients too – black pepper, dried amla, black pepper, and cinnamon.
  3. This oil has a strong smell that you may not like. But anything to keep the hair on our head rather than on the floor 🙂
  4. I would suggest avoiding mustard oil or any other thick oils. They are heavy on the hair and may result in hair fall. But if it suits you, then go ahead.

How to apply homemade onion hair oil?

  1. I prefer to use a cotton ball to apply hair oil all over my scalp. That is a better way to prevent hair fall while applying hair oil.
  2. Apply hair oil on your hair, at the ends too.
  3. Leave it overnight or for 1 to 2 hours. It depends on how much you can bear the strong smell and how much time you have.
  4. Wash using a shampoo and apply conditioner. (In India, I stopped using conditioner since I started using this hair oil. I never felt the need of it.)

Benefits of the ingredients added

Onion is a gem of an ingredient that prevents hair fall. These days we get onion hair oil in supermarkets too. They claim to control hair fall. But in my experience, they are not effective. There is nothing better than homemade. Fenugreek is also really good for your hair. It keeps your hair dandruff free and prevents hair fall. Curry leaves help in making your hair extra soft and smooth. It even adds shine to your hair.

P.S. I am not a dermatologist or a health expert. I just used it and experienced good results and that is why sharing it with you.

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