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How To Wrap A Wrap? Step-by-Step method of folding & rolling

How To Wrap A Wrap? Step-by-Step method of folding & rolling

Has it ever happened to you that you fold a wrap and the moment you take a bite or two, everything just falls off? Now answer this – Has it ever happened that you made a wrap for your lunch but by the time you eat it, it gets all soggy? One more – has it ever happened that once you start folding the wrap, it becomes a messy affair? And then you either need parchment paper or aluminum foil to keep everything intact. We are here to make our kitchen a “LESS WASTE KITCHEN”. Right?

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions then my friend, today is your lucky day. Today, we will master the art of folding a wrap. Oh yeah! It is an art. It is a foolproof method and I can guarantee you that if you follow all the tips and steps, you will have a perfectly tucked wrap on your plate.

leftover rajma wraps

Step-by-Step Method of Folding a Wrap

1 – Size Does Matter

‘Bigger the Better’ is actually made for the wraps ๐Ÿ˜€ It becomes easier to roll if the size of your tortilla or homemade chapati/paratha is around 8 to 10 inches. If it is smaller, it would be difficult to roll. But don’t worry. If you have smaller size tortillas, just fill them with a lesser amount of your filling. It won’t look like a wrap but at least, you can have a nice eating experience.

folding a wrap

Also, if you are using store-bought tortillas, just heat and cook them a little from both sides. Do not overcook otherwise they will become crispy and tear while rolling. We need soft tortillas. The safe option is to roll first and then cook. That works just fine. If you are using homemade chapati or paratha, do not overcook or make them crispy. Just keep them soft enough to roll.

2 – Go Green

The first thing that most of us do is – Apply the sauce first. This is a No-No! The moisture of the sauces (especially if it is homemade) makes the wraps soggy. And if you pack it for lunch, it just tears, falls apart and becomes messy. To avoid that, ALWAYS start with the greens (any salad leaves). Greens prevent the moisture from reaching the tortilla and it stays nice and fresh for a long time. It works better if your first and last layer is of greens.

Make sure the greens are washed and dried well.

3 – We Need Space

Leave at least 1-inch space on each side and leave the top half of the wrap free. It makes rolling much easier and mess-free. We have a tendency to overfill the wrap because we want a little extra of every delicious filling. But again, it is a big NO-NO. Pile a small amount of the filling – lesser than what you think you need. Trust me. You won’t feel that it is not stuffed well. Plus, everything will be tucked in perfectly just as a baby tucked inside a blanket.

fold a wrap

4 – Fold Your Horses

Now comes the challenging part – Folding. But do not worry. We can do it. We can do it perfectly. Start with folding the sides first. When you fold, you will see that there is some gap between the two folded sides. That is totally okay. Notice that the fingers of both the hands are on the side flaps and the thumb is behind the bottom flap of the tortilla.

fold wrap

5 – Hug & Roll

DO NOT leave the side flaps. Hold them well. Use your thumb to roll over the bottom flap. It will come on top of the side flaps and over the filling. Apply gentle pressure to keep everything taut and perfectly secured. Continue to roll one or two more times till you reach the end of the tortilla. There! You have a perfectly secured wrap.

roll the wraps
wrap a wrap

By the way, do you know that classic “Hug & Roll” technique? That’s a reference from the classic show of all times – FRIENDS. That is the same thing you need to follow here.

Try these steps and I am sure that the next time you will rock your roll.

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If you found these tips helpful and you make a wrap, do share the photos with us on Instagram. We love to see your creations.

Happy Cooking ๐Ÿ™‚

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