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5-Minute Navratri Fasting Recipe – Mango Smoothie

5-Minute Navratri Fasting Recipe – Mango Smoothie

No. It is not a fancy name for mango milkshake. And No. It is not a foreign term for aamras. 😀 Mango Smoothie is different. It has its own identity. And after reading this, you will also realise that.

Before sharing the recipe, let me first give you an easy guide to make any Smoothie. Just by following this guide, you will be able to create your versions of smoothies with your choice of ingredients.

If you don’t have the time, you can quickly watch the mango smoothie recipe video.

The key elements of a smoothie are:

  • Fruits & Veggies
    • Add fruits that are more pulpy and sweet like banana, mango, pear, apple etc. because that will make the smoothie thick and smooth. I don’t prefer to add citrus fruits since I don’t like that tanginess in my smoothies.
    • Smoothies are a great way to include greens in your daily diet. I mostly prefer green smoothies. You can add any kind of green but my favourite is spinach since it doesn’t make the smoothies bitter. Some greens do 🙂
    • Other veggies that go well in smoothies are zucchini, beetroot, ginger, celery, carrot.
    • Combine fruits & veggies with similar colour. That is totally optional. But if you like your mango smoothie to be yellow, don’t add spinach or beetroot in it. Add light colour fruits like pear or banana so that you get a bright yellow smoothie. But if colour is not your preference, just blend anything which is available.
  • Liquid
    • Liquid is added to blend the smoothie well. You can add any liquid – water, milk, any vegan milk, curd.
    • I don’t prefer to add water since it dilutes the taste. Same goes with the ice. If you like cold smoothies, just cut and freeze the fruits. That will also give smoother consistency.
    • I prefer oat milk in my smoothies as it gives a better taste to it.
  • Nuts & Seeds
    • I say this a lot that we can easily grab some nuts and eat it but it’s not the same with the seeds. Our body needs it but it keeps getting ignored. Am I right? I think that smoothies are a best way to include all kinds of seeds in your diet. There are plenty of options – chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. So, just throw in what is available and you are sorted for the day.
  • Herbs & Spices
    • Herbs and spices are not just for the flavour but they also have tonnes of benefits. they are one of the richest sources of antioxidants. I mostly prefer fresh mint leaves, basil, cinnamon or turmeric.
  • Natural Sweetener
    • I like my smoothies sweet. Though I add banana but that is not enough for me 😀 Instead of adding sugar or jaggery, try adding dates or raisins. They add an amazing flavour to the smoothies.

So that’s pretty much it. Serve it in a bowl and top it up with some more fruits, seeds, granola or just pour it in a glass and sip it. It is very simple, quick to make, healthy and nutritious. No more excuses for not having breakfast in the morning. If you don’t have the time to eat, just drink the breakfast.

5-Minute Navratri Fasting Recipe – Mango Smoothie

Perfect way to include nuts and seeds in your daily diet.

Who doesn't love mangoes? When it is in season, I add it in everything - smoothies, cereals, pancakes. I make mango drinks and also eat it as a dessert after every meal. This is True Love. Isn't it? :D



5 min

Prep Time

2 min

Cook Time

7 min

Total Time



  1. Throw in everything in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour it in a glass and Enjoy
  2. Add liquid depending on how thick or thin you want the consistency to be.

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