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Holi Special Recipes You Must-Try.

Holi Special Recipes You Must-Try.

Festivals become more special when you make some festive special cuisines at home. Am I right? Holi is an Indian festival and there are so many special Holi recipes that are made at home. My mom used to make a lot of different things during Holi and that used to be the most exciting part for us as kids. Even today, when we are all grown up and busy in our lives, these traditions keep the festivities and the festival vibes alive at home. Just making some food at home and serving our family and friends make it more fun and enjoyable.

Here is a list of some Holi special delicacies.

1 – Mawa Gujiya: The festival of Holi is incomplete without some lip-smacking Gujiyas (Karanji). Am I right? And it becomes even more special if we can have some guilt-free Gujiyas. These Gujiyas are not deep-fried. These are baked which means no excess oil, just the excess of taste and flavors.

Baked Gujiya

2 – Pani Puri with Meethi Chutney & Teekha Pani: I haven’t met any Indian who doesn’t love Pani Puris. It is one of the most popular Indian chaats that everybody loves. People of every age group crave it. It is that delicious. & if you are someone who never tried it, then what are you waiting for? Grab all the ingredients today and make it.

pani puri
Baked Pani Puri

3 – Thandai: The festival of Holi becomes even more special if you get some refreshing homemade Thandai. Making Thandai Masala at home is so easy and quick that you literally don’t need to buy it from the stores. Moreover, homemade is pure. There is no artificial flavor or preservative in it and honestly, it tastes much better.

Vegan Thandai

4 – Besan Ladoo: I have nothing to say about it except for “No one can eat just one”. These are extremely addictive.

besan ladoo
Besan Ladoo

5 – Rasmalai: Soft, Easy, and Quick Rasmalai that gets ready in no time. What else do you need for a festive season? This recipe is just perfect for your busy festival season and the way it turns out will impress everyone at home. So, make this and be ready for all the appreciation coming your way.

Rasmalai Recipe

6 – Vegan Rice Kheer: Creamy, flavourful, and delicious – this vegan rice kheer hits just the right spot in every spoon. It is perfect for any time sweet cravings or for any festive occasion. If you love Indian desserts, if you are a vegan or just want to reduce your dairy consumption, this recipe is for you.

vegan kheer
Rice Kheer

7 – Nan Khatai: These are Indian cookies that you might have seen selling on the streets. We never bought it from the streets but they always looked so tempting. I tried to make it slightly different. I added so many different flavors to it and they all turned out to be super yummmm. Literally.

8 – Non-Fried Gulab Jamun: Making Gulab jamun at home is no joke. But I cracked the code to make it just perfect every time. I can guarantee you that with this gulab jamun recipe video and with your practice, you can master the art of making perfect gulab jamuns.

Gulab jamun

9 – 10 Minute Kalakand: This kalakand or malai barfi recipe is no less than any halwai wali kalakand. Kalakand is one of my favorite Indian sweets. It is soft and moist and juicy and just very very tasty. Ideally, it requires a very long preparation and cooking time but this kalakand is the simpler version which is made in just 10 minutes, Really…in just 10 minutes. & still very very tasty.


10 – 5-Minute Coconut Almond Ladoo: This recipe is a savior. It is quick, easy and perfect for all the busy people who forgot to make something in advance but want to serve something homemade to their family and friends. You must try it. No one can tell that it was made in a jiffy.

Coconut Almond Ladoo

& that’s all for now. I hope these recipes tempted you enough to make something at home. So, make it and be ready to gather all the appreciation coming your way. If you try any of these recipes and like them too, please share the photo on Instagram and tag us @marriedfriends. We just love to see your recreation of our recipes.

Happy Cooking 🙂

Love from us

Richa & Jatin

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