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Rajma Patty Burger with Mango Salsa

Rajma Patty Burger with Mango Salsa

McDonald’s changed the idea of burger patty in such a way that I used to think that a burger patty has to be ultra-crispy. You should be able to hear that crunch sound in every bite. I started thinking that if the burger patty is not crispy, it is not well made or maybe not that tasty. But my views have totally changed now.


Absolutely Not! When we moved to Munich, Germany, on one Friday night, we decided to order a burger. We both ordered a veg burger from this place – Pizza Avanti. When I took the first bite, oh my dear God. It was not crispy at all but the flavors were oozing out in every bite. That veg burger was very tasty and it was the patty to which I want to give the whole credit. Literally. Then I realized that the patty need not be crispy or crunchy for a good burger but more important for it is to be juicy and flavourful. If that is sorted, you will have a wonderful time eating your burger.

Here is one such burger. I made the patty with red kidney beans or rajma and for some extra umami flavors, I complimented it with chilly and sweet mango salsa. Although this is quite a healthy burger since the patty is not fried and is rich in protein but this burger is so tasty that one won’t be enough for you. Unless you have a tiny stomach like me 😀 If you want to make it extra healthy, just remove the buns and eat it as is, or as some people do – replace buns with lettuce leaves. I will never do that 🙂

If you are in hurry, just watch the video instead.


  1. Moisture Content: It would be difficult to make a firm patty if there is a lot of moisture in the mixture. That is why it is important to balance the moisture in the patties. You should be able to cook a perfectly shaped patty and it should not feel dry too. For that, add poha (rice flakes) or bread crumbs to the patty mixture. They will absorb the excess moisture and make a firm patty. But don’t add a lot of it otherwise the patty will become dry.
  2. Resting Time: For the poha or bread crumbs to absorb the moisture, you need to let the patty mixture rest in the refrigerator at least for 30 minutes. If you have time, let it refrigerated overnight. That develops more flavor and makes delicious patties.
  3. Patty Size: Don’t be tempted to make a big patty. The burger will just start to fall apart with each bite. Make sure the size of the patty is equal to the base of the burger bun. I am talking diameter here.
  4. Layering: Have you ever experience soggy buns? It is a total turn-off in burgers. That is why correct layering is important. Make sure that the buns are toasted well. It gives a nice crunch and prevents sogginess. Also, if you are using the store-bought burger sauce or mayonnaise, apply that first. The sauce contains oils that prevent moisture from getting into the bun. If you have homemade sauce or chutney, place the salad leaves first.
  5. Burger Sauce: To get a burst of flavors, apply the sauce on both halves of the bun. If you miss the top half, it just feels tasteless.

Bt the way, do try our incredibly delicious veggie burger too. It is juicy and flavourful. It has a nice crunch of crispy fried onions. And the game-changer of all is the chilli paprika sauce. You must try that too.

Veggie Burger
Veggie Burger

One good thing about these burgers is that you can double the batch of patties and freeze them in your freezer. They will last for a few weeks in there. Whenever you are craving burgers or just some patty, thaw them and then cook. We prefer to eat the extra patties with fried rice or pulao. Have you ever tried that? It gives a feel of sizzler 😀 Now let’s jump right onto the recipe.

Here is the written recipe:

Rajma Patty Burger with Mango Salsa

Non-Fried. Flavourful. Quick & Easy.

For me, this is the easiest veg burger I ever made. No chopping and cooking of different veggies. No Deep Frying which is the biggest hassle for me. Perfect for the weekends when you want something good but don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen :) 

P.S. Don't skip the mango salsa. It takes the burger to another level.



50 min

Prep Time

20 min

Cook Time

1 hr 10 min

Total Time



Mango Salsa

Rajma Patty


Mango Salsa
  1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mash slightly with a fork to squeeze out the juice and make it a little mushy.
  2. Leave aside for 30 minutes to combine all the flavours well.
Rajma Patty
  1. Strain all the water from the boiled or canned rajma (kidney beans). We don't need any water to make the patty.
  2. Strain all the water from the boiled or canned rajma (kidney beans). We don't need any water to make the patty. Some lorem ipsum sample note.
  3. Rinse poha with some water and let it sit for a few minutes.
  4. Mash rajma well with a potato masher or a fork. We don't need any chunks here so keep going :
  5. Add all the ingredients in the bowl. Don't forget to add poha. That is the hero ingredient here. Combine everything well with a spatula or your hands works best for this.
  6. Shape the mixture into patties. Make sure the diameter of the patty should not exceed that of the base of the bun.
  7. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. That helps in developing more flavours. Also, the poha added will absorb the moisture from the patty and make it more sturdy.
  8. Heat oil in a pan and place patty on it. Brush oil all over. Cover and let it sear on medium-low flame. Don't disturb the patty till it is done. It will take a few minutes on one side.
  9. Flip. Cover and let it sear on the other side too.
  10. This is a sample notes section. just a lorem ipsum text that will be used for designing the layout.
  11. Gently brush some butter on one side. That makes the patty even more tasty.
  12. Place a cheese slice over the patty and cover it for a minute. Let it melt on the patty itself.
  13. Slice burger bun in half.
  14. Lightly brush a pan with some oil or butter and toast the buns from both the side.
  1. First apply burger sauce on the bun and place some lettuce leaves on top. That helps in sticking the lettuce and also prevents the buns from getting soggy.
  2. Put a few spoons of mango salsa on top. Then comes the patty and then tomato & onion slices.
  3. Before placing the other half of the bun on top, apply some burger sauce on it. We don't want that bun to be bland.
  4. Here is your burger. Waiting for you to take a bite.


How do you build a burger?

First, toast the buns well. Then apply burger sauce or mayonnaise on both halves of the bun. The sauce contains oil which prevents the moisture from seeping into the buns. Place the salad leaf. On top of that goes your patty. Place raw onions or tomato slices and cover from the top bun. Insert a toothpick to hold everything together. If you have any other ingredient like fried onions or mango salsa etc. place it on top of the salad leaf. This way nothing falls when you take the bite.

Can we store the burger patties?

Yes. Of course. You can refrigerate it for around 5 days. You can also shape the patty and freeze them in an airtight container for up to a month. Just thaw them slightly before cooking.

Why my burger buns get soggy? How to fix that?

Layering is important to prevent the sogginess of burger buns. Always apply the burger sauce or mayonnaise first. The sauce contains oils that prevent moisture from seeping into the buns and making them soggy. You can also place the salad leaf instead. If you are using a homemade sauce or chutney, do not apply them to the buns first. They contain moisture and will make the buns soggy.

Why my veggie patty gets mushy?

Vegetables contain a lot of moisture that makes the patty soggy and mushy. It doesn’t hold the shape well while cooking. To prevent that, add binding ingredients like bread crumbs or poha (rice flakes). They absorb the excess moisture and helps the patty holding its shape. But do not add too much of it otherwise the patty will become dry. No one likes a dry burger.

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