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Winter Special – Gond ke Ladoo / Pinni (No Sugar)

Winter Special – Gond ke Ladoo / Pinni (No Sugar)

Good for immunity, good for strengthening the body from the inside, and absolutely addictive – this traditional Indian Ladoo has its own charm. These Ladoos are perfect for the winter season because it prepares your body to fight the changing weather. It gives you so much energy that it is even made for pregnant women after they give birth to a child. Most importantly, these are highly addictive and irresistible. You can’t have just one.

Story Time

Let me share one secret with you. No matter how much I avoid eating too many sweets, I lose control when it comes to Ladoos. Literally! I am a big fan of besan ladoos, motichoor ladoos and these winter special gond ke ladoo. For me, these are highly addictive and irresistible. I simply can not eat just one. In fact, I can easily have 2 to 3 Ladoos in one go. Hard to believe, Right? By the way, I found a partner who is just like me when it comes to Ladoos 😀

My mom and even my mother-in-law make big-size Ladoos. And since we can not stop at just one piece, we end up eating a lot more quantity of it. That is why I make slightly smaller size Ladoos. I try to fool my mind. I eat less quantity of it and let my mind think that I already had two pieces and I should stop. It is weird but works for me. You can also try that and let me know if this trick works for you too.

Gond ke ladoo/Pinni

What is Gond ke Ladoo?

Gond ke Ladoo is a traditional Indian sweet or mithai recipe that is loved by almost everyone. It is often made in North India during the winter season because all the ingredients are good to keep your body warm, strengthens your immunity, and give you a boost of energy too.

It contains whole wheat flour, gond (edible gum), nuts and seeds, jaggery or sugar, and ghee. So, it is a reminder to grab all the ingredients and make it when the winters are still there.

What are the other names for Gond ke Ladoo?

Gond ke Ladoo has this name because of the ingredient gond or edible gum in it. Gond is derived from the sap of plants. It is known to boost immunity and stamina. It prevents your body from falling sick or getting cold and coughing during the winter season. This gem of an ingredient is also good to maintain the health of your body joints.

It is also known as aate ke ladoo (whole wheat flour ladoo), or pinni. It is called Pinni in Punjab.

What kind of flour is needed for this recipe?

Gond ke Ladoo is made with whole wheat flour. I would recommend using whole wheat flour with some extra fibers (husk) in it. That is less processed and much better for the health. You can use any kind of whole wheat flour, a combination of whole wheat flour and gram flour (besan), or also a combination of whole wheat flour and sooji. Make sure to roast them well so that it tastes better and do not stick to your mouth.

Gond ke ladoo/Pinni

Easy Swaps

  1. Nuts and Seeds: Use any that are available.
  2. Whole Wheat Flour: You can use a combination of whole wheat flour and gram flour (besan), or a combination of whole wheat flour and sooji.

Is this recipe Vegan?

No. I am afraid not. It has got one ingredient that is not plant-based or vegan – Ghee. Ghee is a dairy product. But these days you can get vegan ghee too. If you can find that, you can replace ghee with a vegan substitute.

How to store Gond ke Ladoo?

Gond ke Ladoo can be stored in an air-tight container at room temperature for around 3 to 4 weeks. It can last a long time so you can make a big batch. But let me warn you, these are highly addictive and irresistible and you won’t be able to have just one.

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Gond ke ladoo/Pinni

Now grab all the ingredients because you are ready to make this delicious sweet treat at home. I am sure you and your family will enjoy it and from now on will never buy it from the shops. Homemade ones are always tastier and contain the best quality ingredients.

If you try this recipe and like it too, please share the photo of your creation on Instagram and tag us @thefearlesscooking. We just love to see your recreation of our recipes.

Happy Cooking 🙂

Love from us

Richa & Jatin

Winter Special – Gond ke Ladoo / Pinni (No Sugar)

Wholesome. Hearty. Comforting.

Prepare your body to fight the cough and cold during the winter season. This sweet delight is just perfect to strengthen immunity and stamina and it gives you a boost of energy too. Do not wait and try it before the winter season ends.



30 min

Prep Time

30 min

Cook Time

1 hr

Total Time



  1. Puff-Up Gond: In a large pan (preferably with a heavy base), heat around 1/4 Cup of ghee. Add gond to it and let them puff up on the low flame. Once done, take them out on a plate and cool down. Crush them once cooled.
  2. High flame puffs them up from the outside and the inside remains hard.
  3. Roast Flour: To the same pan (with some ghee already in it), add whole wheat flour and roast until lightly brown. Roast it on a medium-low flame and keeps stirring else it may burn. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes. Once done, take it out in a large bowl and cool down slightly.
  4. It sticks to your mouth if not well-roasted. Timing may vary depending on the heat and the thickness of the pan.
  5. Nuts and Seeds: Lightly roast nuts and seeds and then crush them coarsely in a food processor.
  6. Mix all the ingredients together with roasted flour - ghee, crushed gond, roasted nuts and seeds, ginger powder, jaggery powder, and cardamom powder. 
  7. Add ghee as needed to make balls. With extra ghee, you won't be able to shape them.
  8. Once everything is well combined, start shaping them into a ball size. Take around 2 to 3 Tbsp of the mixture and squeeze them in your palm. Once it comes together, roll them gently between your palms and make them into a ball shape.
  9. Repeat the same and you will get around 20 to 25 Ladoos. Let them set well and then store in an air-tight container. 

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