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Everyone’s Favorite Aloo Paratha

Everyone’s Favorite Aloo Paratha

I have never met anyone who doesn’t love aloo paratha (stuffed potato Indian flatbread). And in my opinion, aalu paratha is the king of all the stuffed parathas. What do you think?

The best thing about it is that you can make it any which way. If you are in a hurry, just mash some boiled potatoes, season it with some salt, stuff, roll, and cook. I have a different style of making the stuffing. I season it with some different aromatic spices, add some chopped onions for a slight crunch. The best of all is some roasted peas. It adds a nice color and bite to these parathas. Ahhhhh. I am drooling while writing. You must try my version of aloo paratha. BEWARE. No one can eat just one 😀


There was a time when making stuffed aloo paratha was a big challenge in my life. I tried it so many times but always failed miserably. Some people are pro in it but I am not one of them. I even quit trying once and whenever we craved some delicious parathas, we either used to go to our friend’s place or go to any restaurant. But I was not happy and satisfied with that. You see, I married a Punjabi man. He grew up eating stuffed parathas every day. It is his first love. I had to learn it.

I unlearned everything and started learning again. In the process, I created my own tips and tricks to master this recipe. And now it is unbelievable for me but I can teach foreigners the art of making a perfectly round aloo paratha in just 1 hour. Yes. I take classes where I teach this recipe to people from all over the world and I get excited when I see their round aloo parathas. Goosebumps Alert. If you also want to learn from me personally, you can register for my Airbnb Experiences classes.

& not to forget, Jatin (my husband) is also very happy now because now he can get his favorite aloo paratha whenever he wants.

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Aalu Paratha
Aloo Paratha made by a student


Stuffed parathas have just two elements – dough and stuffing. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while working on them.


Stuffed parathas need a soft dough. If it is hard, the stuffing will start to come out while rolling. If it is too soft, it doesn’t do any harm, but the dough becomes a little difficult to manage. Are you wondering what is soft dough? Hmmmm…This is something you learn with practice. You need to feel the dough to understand it. But if you are a beginner, don’t worry. Just press it with your fingers, and if it doesn’t resist, it is just perfect.

Kneading the dough

One thing you need to remember is that every ingredient is different. Every flour is different. Every flour has a different water absorption capacity. So, don’t follow the recipe blindly. Recipes are just a guide. You may need to adjust the quantity of water, as needed. Just remember, we need a Soft Dough.

A Soft Dough for Parathas

As I said, every ingredient is different. This goes for potatoes as well. Some potatoes are too starchy and become soggy when you make the stuffing. We need the potatoes that are a little dry. Now how to find this? Well, it is difficult since in most places even the vendors don’t know much about the varieties of potatoes they are selling. But, old potatoes (purana aalu) are better.

Honestly, you don’t need to worry much about potatoes and flour. You will get it once you start making parathas. I am telling you just to make you mentally prepared for this.



  1. Pressure Cooker – Wash the potatoes well. I prefer to cut them in half because that makes the process faster. Place them in the pressure cooker. Add water till the potatoes are well covered. Close the lid and let them cook on high flame till the first whistle. After one whistle, lower the flame and let it cook for another 5 to 7 minutes. Switch off the flame and let it depressurize on its own. After that, just strain the water and let it cool down completely.
  2. Microwave – I never tried it but I heard that cooking potatoes in microwave is quite easy. Just place the potatoes in a microwave safe plate and microwave for 5 to 7 minutes. Insert a knife at the center. If it goes through, it means it is well cooked. If not, let it cook for one minute and check. Every microwave is different. Hence, your time of cooking may vary.
  3. Instant Pot – Add the potatoes in the Instant Pot vessel. Add enough water to cover. Set the Pressure Cook mode for 5 to 6 minutes. Drain the water and let them cool completely.
  4. Pan – This is a little time consuming method but totally doable. Cut potatoes in half and place them in a pan. Add enough water to cover them completely. It needs extra water since a lot of water evaporartes while cooking. Cook on medium flame till they are fork-tender. Drain and let them cool completely.
Aloo Paratha
Stuffed Aloo Paratha


Generally, Aloo Parathas are cooked in ghee but that is totally optional. I always cook my parathas in cooking oil. & that makes this recipe 100 percent vegan.


There are many ways you can enjoy it.

  1. Hot Tea/Chai
  2. Indian Pickles
  3. Butter (homemade preferably)
  4. Curd/Yogurt seasoned with salt, roasted cumin and boondi

Apart from this, we also love aalu parathas with Punjabi Rajma Masala (Kidney Bean Curry) and Dhaba Style Dal makhani.

Now grab all the ingredients because you are ready to make this recipe. Enjoy it over breakfast, lunch or weekend brunch. If you like the recipe, please share the photo on Instagram and tag us too @marriedfriends. We just love to see your recreation of our recipes.


  1. Instant Ragi Dosa
  2. Tawa Idli
  3. 1-Minute Mango Smoothie

Happy Cooking.

Love from us

Richa & Jatin

Everyone’s Favorite Aloo Paratha

It's not a usual Aalu Paratha. It's Different.

No wonder Aloo Paratha is the king of all stuffed parathas. It is not just popular in India but loved all across the world. Surprised? I am not. 

It is one the most comforting recipes. You want something quick and delicious, just make Aloo Paratha & chai. 



20 min

Prep Time

20 min

Cook Time

40 min

Total Time






Knead Dough
  1. In a bowl, add whole wheat flour and salt. Mix. 
  2. Add 1/4 cup of water at a time and mix it well using a spatula or spoon. Keep adding a little water till dry flour comes together.
  3. Leave the spoon and start kneading with the hands. Sprinkle more water, if needed to make a soft dough. 
  4. If the dough gets wet and sticky, dust some flour. If it feels dry, sprinkle a little water.
  5. Make a smooth ball of the dough. Apply oil all over. Put it in the bowl, cover &amp; let it rest for 15 minutes. 
  6. Sometimes, I sprinkle a little water on top and let it rest. It absorbs the water and becomes very soft. Rolling becomes much easier this way.
  1. In a bowl, mash the boiled potatoes. Make sure there are no big chunks. 
  2. Take boiled and cold potatoes.
  3. Add chopped onions, coriander leaves, green chilli, grated ginger, red chilli powder, ajwain, and fennel seeds in the bowl. 
  4. Make sure the onions are finely chopped.
  5. Heat some oil in a pan and throw in your frozen peas. Saute for a couple of minutes till peas are well roasted &amp; crunchy. You will see some brown spots on their surface. 
  6. Careful, as they may splutter while adding in the oil.
  7. Add the roasted peas in the bowl. Mix everything well. 
  8. Season with salt to taste. Keep the salt slightly more than the taste. It gets balanced while rolling in the dough. 
  1. Take a medium ball of the dough. Roll it between your palms and gently flatten it. 
  2. Put it on the rolling board (or on a flat surface/kitchen slab) and lightly dust with some flour all over.
  3. Roll it in a circular shape using a rolling pin (or any cylindrical bottle). You don't need to be perfect here. Just roll it to 4 to 5 inches diameter. 
  4. Lift it up and place it on your palm. 
  5. Put the stuffing at the centre. (The amount of stuffing should make a ball equal in size of the dough ball)
  6. Seal the edges. it will become semi-circular in shape. 
  7. Now take the two ends and seal them together. Press the joined top portion slightly downward from the centre. Pat it gently and flatten it a little. 
  8. Place it on the rolling board, dust some flour all over. Start patting it gently and spread it in circular shape. Do it till it is 5 to 7 inches in diameter. 
  9. Doing with palms first makes it easier to roll in a circular shape.
  10. Then roll it with the rolling pin. Roll it as thin as you like your parathas. Make sure that the stuffing is not coming out. 
  11. Dust some flour to avoid sticking.
  1. Heat a pan and place the rolled paratha. Keep the flame on medium-high.
  2. Cooking on low flame makes the parathas hard.
  3. You will start noticing a change in colour of the surface of paratha. Flip it.
  4. Brush some oil (or ghee) all over the surface. Flip again and brush some oil on the other surface too. 
  5. Press it with a spatula and cook from both the sides. You will see some dark spots on the surface. It takes around 3 to 5 minutes to cook well. 
  6. Once it is done, serve right away. Enjoy your happy meal :)

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