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Blueberry-Cucumber Ice Tea | Refreshing Summer Drink

Blueberry-Cucumber Ice Tea | Refreshing Summer Drink

Summers are here and all we want to beat this scorching heat is some cool and refreshing summer drinks. And when you make something this fancy at home, it feels like being in a restaurant while sitting in the comfort of your home. This summer drink is refreshing, cooling, extremely quick, and easy, and needs just a couple of ingredients. Next time you have guests at home, serve them this homemade iced tea and grab all the appreciation coming your way.

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Story Time

Jatin is passionate about making cold beverages or mocktails at home. He tried so many recipes using different fruits and veggies. During the summertime, he would always make some cold beverages while we have our dinner. It feels fancy and makes dinner on a hot summer day really enjoyable and romantic. Every time he would mix some fruit, lemon juice, salt, black salt, maple syrup, and soda and a new drink is ready. He has so many ideas that it feels like I am sitting in a restaurant and getting to try a new beverage every time.

Like I always say, homemade is the best. Making it is extremely simple and easy and you are ensured of good quality ingredients too. So, instead of buying syrup or squash from the stores, try making these healthy beverages at home for yourself, your family, and your friends.

What is a Mocktail?

Mocktail is a drink, a cold beverage that is made without using any alcohol. A cocktail on the other hand is a drink that requires alcohol in it. Mocktails are very popular in India since we have many people who do not prefer to consume alcohol there. That is why you can easily find different kinds of fancy mocktails there.

What is Ice Tea (or Iced Tea)?

As the name suggests, Ice Tea or Iced Tea is tea with ice. It is a cold beverage that you can make with any kind of tea – black tea, fruit tea, herbal tea, green tea, etc. You just need to brew some tea without milk, add some flavors of choice like lemon, strawberry, peach, blueberry, etc., some sweetener, and ice, and that is it. Your refreshing summer drink is ready to be slurped.

These days you get store-bought iced tea also in cans, bottles, and even in powdered form which you can simply mix in water and drink. But are they really healthy to drink? These ready-made, store-bought cold drinks are always loaded with sugar and nasty ingredients. So, it is better to stay away from them. On the other hand, making iced tea at home is so much easy and quick that you really don’t need to buy it from the stores.

How to Store Homemade Blueberry Sauce?

Store the homemade blueberry sauce in a clean air-tight container. Refrigerate and use for up to 2 weeks.

Can we freeze the blueberry sauce?

Yes. Of course. When berries are in season, you can make a big batch of this sauce and store it in the freezer for months.

Can we replace fresh blueberries with frozen ones?

Fresh Blueberries are in season. That is why, it would be better to use fresh ones. But if you do not have access to fresh ones, you can surely use frozen berries.

Can we store brewed tea in the refrigerator?

I would recommend making it fresh but if you want to prep ahead or you have leftover tea then obviously you can refrigerate the brewed tea and use it within 2 days.

Easy Swaps

  1. Sugar – use any sweetener of your choice.
  2. Blueberry Sauce – Strawberry Sauce can also be used. Follow this recipe for strawberry compote to make it.

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  4. Blueberry-Rosemary Mocktail
  5. Orange Lemonade

Grab all the ingredients because you are ready to make this quick and easy blueberry & cucumber iced tea recipe at home. I am sure you and your family will enjoy it. And when you serve it to your guests, be ready to grab all the appreciation. Everybody will love it and won’t even guess that it took just a few minutes to prepare.

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Happy Cooking 🙂

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Blueberry-Cucumber Ice Tea | Refreshing Summer Drink

Refreshing. Cooling. Fancy.

I tried this drink in a restaurant on a hot sunny day. It felt so refreshing and cooling that I wanted to try it at home too. Voila! Now, it is my regular homemade summer drink. 

It is Cool As A Cucumber!



25 min

Prep Time

2 min

Cook Time

27 min

Total Time


Blueberry Sauce


Serving (per glass)


Blueberry Sauce
  1. To a saucepan, add blueberries, salt, and sugar. Mix and cook on high flame until blueberries become soft and release their juice. 
  2. Keep mashing from the back of the spatula and stir in between. 
  3. Cook till you get a slightly thick and pourable consistency. It takes around 10 minutes of cooking.
  4. Once done, remove it from the flame and strain using a sieve. Your sauce is ready. It thickens further on cooling.
  5. Store in an air-tight container and refrigerate.
  1. In a saucepan, add water and tea leaves. Let it come to a boil on a high flame. 
  2. Once it starts to boil, lower the flame and brew for another 5 minutes. 
  3. Switch off the flame and strain using a sieve. Let it cool completely. 
Serving (per glass)
  1. In a glass, add blueberry sauce, cucumber slices, and crushed Ice. 
  2. If you need more sweetness, add maple syrup and mix.
  3. Pour brewed tea and finish it off with some soda. Serve right away. 
  4. You may even add some lemon slices and lemon juice.

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